Title Speaker(s) Context Date
The Many Worries of Many Worlds: Exploring Some Implications of Everettian Quantum Mechanics Dr Emily Qureshi-Hurst Seminar May 11, 2023
From NOMA to POMA: the case for overlapping magisteria Dr Nick Spencer Seminar December 20, 2022
Randomness in Philosophy and Theology Dr Yves Gaspar Seminar June 16, 2022
A Beautiful Quest: The Promise and Peril of Aesthetics in Science Dr Brandon Vaidyanathan Seminar May 12, 2022
Does Creation Carry God’s Fingerprints? Opportunities and Challenges in Using Natural Theology or Design Arguments Revd Dr Rodney Holder March 25, 2022
Souls in Spacetime? Dr J. Brian Pitts Course February 4, 2022
Human Persons and Quantum Entanglement Prof. Michael Esfeld Course February 4, 2022
God, Aristotle and Emergence Prof. Robert Koons Course February 4, 2022
Debate: “Is Nature God’s icon?” Prof. Michael Esfeld, Prof. Robert Koons, Dr J. Brian Pitts Course May 25, 2021
An Evangelical Philosophy of Science? From Bacon and Paley to Stokes Dr Stuart Mathieson Seminar January 26, 2021
Abraham Kuyper on Science and Religion: An introduction to his texts and contexts Dr Jordan Ballor Seminar September 24, 2020
The Divine Lawmaker: Nomological Arguments for God’s Existence Dr James Orr Seminar May 12, 2020
Observation, Superstition and Mysticism in Modern Science Prof. John Gallacher Seminar May 5, 2020
Materials, Membranes and Motivations for Research Prof. Peter Budd Seminar February 4, 2020
Uncertainty, Nature and God: A Transcendental Naturalistic Approach to Science, Religion and Public Policy Prof. Arthur Petersen Seminar October 15, 2019
Presenting Life’s Big Questions To Children and Young People Steph Bryant Course July 3, 2019
Historical Perspectives on Natural Theology Dr Louise Hickman Course July 4, 2016
Science and Natural Theology Revd Dr Rodney Holder Seminar October 20, 2015
How did Augustine’s thought shape a Scientific Worldview? Prof. Karla Pollmann Lecture October 6, 2015
Morality and the Philosophy of Science Revd Prof. Keith Ward Course April 5, 2014
Reading the book of Nature: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on the Laws of Nature Dr Lydia Jaeger Course April 5, 2014
The Role of Thought Experiments in Science and Theology Prof. Niels Gregersen Seminar February 19, 2013
The Historical Roots of Scientific Reductionism Dr Allan Chapman Course July 13, 2012
Creation and Contemporary Science: The Legacy of Thomas Aquinas Seminar February 7, 2012
Mind and Matter: The World as ‘Representation’ in Quantum Theory Prof. Richard Bell Seminar October 18, 2011
Cosmic Fine-Tuning: Discerning Purpose at the Limits of Science Prof. Tim O’Connor Course July 19, 2011
Cosmology and Fine Tuning: Three Approaches Prof. Robin Collins Course April 10, 2011
Aquinas and Contemporary Cosmology: Creation and Beginnings Course April 8, 2011
Victor Stenger’s Scientific Critique of Christian Belief Prof. David Bartholomew FBA Seminar November 23, 2010
Responses to the New Atheism: A Public Discussion The Most Revd Dr Rowan Williams, Prof. Terry Eagleton Lecture November 19, 2010
Animal Suffering – Theological and Philosophical Perspectives Prof. Michael Murray Seminar May 18, 2010
Perspectives on Science: History, philosophy and ethics of science in post-16 education Mr David Allard Course March 27, 2010
The Religious Roots of the Idea of Scientific Laws Dr Lydia Jaeger Seminar February 23, 2010
A Philosopher’s Perspective On Anthropic Fine-Tuning Dr Tim Mawson Seminar November 26, 2009
Rationality in Science and Religion Prof. Roger Trigg Course July 13, 2009
Perspectives on Science: A new venture in history, philosophy and ethics of science in post-16 education Dr John Taylor Course April 5, 2009
God, Science and the New Atheism Revd Prof. Keith Ward Lecture January 27, 2009
Critical Realism in Science and Religion Revd Dr John Polkinghorne KBE FRS 16 October 1930—9 March 2021 Course July 22, 2008
Material and Immaterial Persons Prof. Dean Zimmerman Course July 22, 2008
Values and Science – What is Science For? Prof. Tom McLeish FRS Seminar November 27, 2007
The Rationality of Science Prof. Roger Trigg Course July 21, 2007
The Rationality of Science Prof. Roger Trigg Course July 25, 2006
The Fallacy of Scientism as a Worldview Prof. Mikael Stenmark Course July 25, 2006
Explanation in Science and Religion Prof. Philip Clayton Course July 20, 2006
Emergence Prof. Philip Clayton Course July 20, 2006
The Idea of Law in Science and Religion Dr Lydia Jaeger Course July 20, 2006
Concepts of Emergence in Science and Religion Prof. Philip Clayton Seminar February 14, 2006