Title Speaker(s) Context Date
Physician, heal yourself! Epidemics and compassion Dr Linda Mobula Course April 14, 2018
The Environment – Ethical and Religious Issues Revd Dave Bookless Course July 10, 2014
Flesh made data: the post human project in the light of incarnation Prof. Brent Waters Seminar November 12, 2013
Nanotechnology, Ethics and Religion Prof. Russell Cowburn FRS Course July 12, 2013
The Religious and Ethical Beliefs of Scientists Prof. Elaine Howard Ecklund Course July 12, 2012
Animal Suffering: Theological and Philosophical Perspectives Prof. Jeff Schloss Course July 22, 2011
Animal Rights, Human Responsibilities Dr David Williams Seminar February 22, 2011
Nanotechnology, Ethics and Religion Prof. Russell Cowburn FRS Seminar November 9, 2010
Ethical Challenges in Contemporary Science Dr Cherryl Hunt Course July 16, 2010
Handling Ethics in the Public Domain Revd Prof. Michael J Reiss Course April 12, 2008
Ethical Aspects of Science Policy Prof. John Wood CBE FREng Seminar February 19, 2008
The Science and Ethics of Caring for the Environment Prof. Calvin DeWitt Course July 25, 2007
What are the ethical implications implied by the Imago Dei doctrine? Prof. David Cook Course July 24, 2007
Ethical Issues in Public Policy Prof. Derek Burke CBE DL Course September 24, 2006
Ethical Issues in the Public Mind Dr Pete Moore Course September 24, 2006
Ethical Issues Raised by Science Dr Pete Moore Course September 23, 2006
Science, Faith and the Moral Maze Prof. David Cook Course September 23, 2006
How Does Parliament Handle the Ethical Issues Raised by Scientific Advances? Rt Hon John Gummer MP Course September 22, 2006
Truth Telling in the Practice of Science Dr Denis Alexander Course July 25, 2006
Playing God Prof. Gareth Jones Lecture June 22, 2004