Title Speaker(s) Context Date
Bioethics: Are Biologists Opening Pandora’s Box? Prof. Keith Fox Cis - Faraday Public Lecture, Lecture March 28, 2024
Cancer, Immortality, and Christology: The Theological Resonance of Henrietta Lacks Prof. Benjamin R. Doolittle Seminar October 19, 2023
Bioethics: Key Issues for Church Leaders Dr Denis Alexander Course April 13, 2023
Bioethics Dr Andrew Perrett Course February 9, 2022
Bioethics and Genes: Are we playing God? Prof. Keith Fox Course February 9, 2022
Self-Made People: The Emerging Embryo, Biology, and Belief Prof. Jeff Hardin Seminar November 17, 2021
Dying Well Prof. John Wyatt Course July 2, 2020
Bioethical Challenges for Christian Leaders Prof. Keith Fox Course January 10, 2020
The Changing Face of Medicine: Stem Cells for Future Medicine – Scientific Advances and a Christian Response Prof Susan Kimber Lecture October 24, 2019
Resisting Blind Chance and a ‘Senseless’ Cosmos: Historical Perspectives on Science, Ethics and Nature Dr Louise Hickman Seminar February 20, 2018
When is enough enough? Dying well in an age of technological possibilities. Prof. John Wyatt Course February 15, 2018
The Ethics of Withholding Treatment and Virtue Theory Prof. David Jones Course February 15, 2018
A Good Death in a Changing Religious Landscape Mr Naved Siddiqi Course February 15, 2018
Pastoral reflections on death and dying Revd Dr Derek Fraser Course February 15, 2018
Getting To Grips With Bioethics Prof. Keith Fox Course January 11, 2018
Human Embryonic Gene Editing: Scientific, Ethical and Theological Implications Dr Alexander Massmann Course July 7, 2017
Matters of life and death Prof. John Wyatt Course January 12, 2017
Genetics and Bioethics Prof. Keith Fox Course January 6, 2016
Ethical issues at the beginning and end of life Prof. John Wyatt Course July 10, 2015
Human Enhancement: ethical and theological issues Dr Michael Burdett Course July 9, 2015
Human Enhancement: Ethical and Theological Issues Dr Michael Burdett Course July 9, 2015
The Ethics of Cognitive Enhancement: A Theological Perspective Prof. Neil Messer Seminar May 26, 2015
Can Genetics Feed Africa? Prof. Sir Brian Heap CBE FRS Seminar May 26, 2014
Infanticide on demand: why should the baby live? Medical ethics for children Dr Richard Hain Seminar February 18, 2014
Stem Cells and Healing Prof Susan Kimber Seminar January 21, 2014
Genetics and Human Identity Prof. Keith Fox Course September 16, 2012
Food Security and Modern Genetics Prof. Sir Brian Heap CBE FRS Course September 16, 2012
Genetic Engineering: How Far Should We Go? Prof. John Bryant Course September 16, 2012
Human Embryology and Bioethics Prof. Gareth Jones Course July 12, 2012
What does it mean to be a Person? Matters of Life and Death Prof. John Wyatt Course July 12, 2012
Pluripotent Stem Cells: Medical Dream or Ethical Nightmare? Prof. Paul Fairchild Seminar February 21, 2012
Can We Enhance the Imago Dei? A Theological Assessment of Genetic Alteration, Nanotechnology and Transhumanism Prof. Ted Peters Course July 22, 2011
Astro-Ethics and the Search for Life Prof. Ted Peters Course July 19, 2011
Human Enhancement: How far should we go Dr Denis Alexander, Dr Pete Moore, Prof. John Wyatt Panel Discussion March 26, 2011
Genetic Engineering: How far should we go? Prof. John Bryant Course September 14, 2010
Genes and Embryos Prof. John Bryant Course July 16, 2010
Human Enhancement: Threat or Promise? Prof. Gareth Jones Seminar May 4, 2010
Current Ethical Challenges in the Biosciences Prof. John Bryant Course March 27, 2010
Ethical Challenges in Contemporary Biology Dr Cherryl Hunt Course July 17, 2009
The Stem Cell Controversy Dr Cherryl Hunt Course July 17, 2009
Current Ethical Challenges in Modern Biology Prof. Keith Fox Course April 4, 2009
Manufacturing Humans: The Borderlands between human and divine control Prof. Gareth Jones Faraday New Zealand Day March 14, 2009
The Ethics of Human Enhancement Prof. Robin Gill Seminar October 14, 2008
Bionic Persons: The Ethics of Enhancing Humans Ms Philippa Taylor Course April 13, 2008
The Ethics of Food Production and GM Crops Prof. Joe Perry DSc, FIBiol Course April 13, 2008
Medical Advances and Ethical Issues at the End of Life Prof. Tim Maughan Course April 12, 2008
Genetic Engineering in Health and Disease Prof. John Bryant Course April 12, 2008
Stem Cells in Research and in the Clinic Prof. John Bryant Course April 12, 2008
The Human Embryo: Reassessing Theological Approaches in the Light of Scientific Advance Prof. Gareth Jones Course April 12, 2008
Christian Moral Reasoning: How can it help (and should it?) Prof. Neil Messer Course April 11, 2008
What Is A Person? Matters Of Life And Death Prof. John Wyatt Lecture February 21, 2008
Genes – Makeup, Manipulation and Movement Prof. John Bryant Course November 8, 2007
The Ethics of Stem Cell Research and Cloning Prof. John Bryant Course November 8, 2007
Bioethical Challenges in the Genome Era Dr Francis Collins Course September 15, 2007
Stem Cells – Playing God Again? Dr William Hurlbut, Prof. Sir Brian Heap CBE FRS Lecture March 6, 2007
Ethical and Theological Considerations in the use of Stem Cells in Brain Repair Dr Roger Barker Seminar October 31, 2006
Bioethics in the Media and Public Policy Prof. David Cook Course September 24, 2006
GM crops and GM food – Do we need them? Prof. Joe Perry DSc, FIBiol Course July 21, 2006