What Good Is God? Crises, Faith, and Resilience

Edited by Prof. Robert White FRS and Rev. Dr Roger Abbott

ISBN: 9780857219657

Publishing Date: 20th November 2020


RRP £9.99

Includes latest chapter on

Covid-19 Pandemic: a Christian Perspective

Research Project

A new research project is underway at The Faraday Institute for Science & Religion, entitled Covid-19: how are you coping? Coping well is not something that can be taken for granted during these days of pandemic, which is why we are conducting a research project that explores how Christians in particular are coping under the pandemic’s conditions, especially when it comes to their experience of things such as fear, anger and hope.

An important part of the project will involve conducting in-depth interviews with volunteer participants. Anyone in the UK, who is aged 18 years or over may apply, who self-identifies either as a White or Black/Asian/ Minority-ethnic Christian who fits any of the following categories: anyone who has not experienced symptoms of Covid-19, anyone who has knowingly been infected by the Covid-19 virus, anyone who is a hospital / care home staff member involved with treating the Covid-19 virus, and anyone who has been bereaved of a loved one by the Covid-19 virus.

Further details regarding this project can be supplied to those offering interest as participants, in confidence, upon request to Rev. Dr. Roger Abbott, rpa24@cam.ac.uk, +44 7877933662 / (01509) 82270.

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