‘The New Atheists – Dawkins et al – are throwing up questions many church leaders don’t feel equipped to answer – particularly questions of science and faith’ said Ruth Bancewicz, Director of the Test of FAITH project. ‘We are putting on a nationwide tour that will resource, encourage and help pastors, youth workers and leaders of all kinds to answer the questions they face.”We are aiming this tour at the church leaders of today and tomorrow – including youth leaders and small group leaders, as well as those involved in evangelism and outreach. The question of whether science and faith are incompatible is not going to go away, and the Church needs to be ready to give an answer. This tour will enable that to happen.’Although the tour is aimed at church leaders, it is also open to anybody interested in matters relating to science and religion. The tour starts at the Nazarene College, Manchester, on Monday 22nd February, before visiting St Johns, Durham; the Aberdeen School of Christian Studies; Holy Trinity, St Andrews; LST, Northwood; Trinity College, Bristol; St Johns Nottingham; Cliff College Sheffield; ICC, Glasgow and finally LICC, London.Full details can be found on

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