Australians seeking to think through issues in science and religion are being encouraged by the organisation ISCAST (The Institute for the Study of Christianity in an Age of Science and Technology) to take a look at Test of FAITH. Now that Australian distributors Koorong ( are supplying the materials locally, members of ISCAST have started actively promoting the materials, even designing a portable video display (see picture) to publicize the DVD at conferences and meetings.

After viewing the award-winning documentary at their AGM in November, ISCAST have described ‘Test of FAITH’ as offering “an accessible introduction to the often complex dialogue between Christianity and the sciences, demonstrating that belief in God and genuine Christian faith are wholly compatible with honest, credible and rigorous scientific enquiry” Produced by The Faraday Institute, with input from leading scientists and theologians, Test of FAITH’s resources are designed primarily for churches and other groups of people who are interested in discussing science and faith in an informal setting.

The DVD combines stunning visual imagery and interviews with top scientists to explore the dilemmas at the heart of the debate. Since its launch at the Royal Society in July, the resources have been widely endorsed. Anthony Billington of The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity said, “It opens up complex issues in accessible ways. It will challenge assumptions and provoke questions, but will also dispel some current popular myths.” Atheist philosopher Michael Ruse has praised the film, describing it as “a fine, balanced presentation by thoughtful scientists on why there is no genuine conflict between their work and their religious faith and why indeed they find that science strengthens and enhances their sense of God’s power and glory.” See for more details and to view extracts.

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