The conference to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Georges LemaĆ®tre’s seminal proposal of the ‘Primeval Atom’ model of the universe (now known as the Big Bang theory) took place last week at Sidney Sussex College. Thursday night’s opening dinner was attended by Dr Jack Templeton, President of the Templeton Foundation, as well as by Lord Martin Rees, winner of this year’s Templeton Prize, who addressed the assembled delgates with a sparkling survey of the current state of cosmological and astronomical research.

The following three days included lectures on every aspect of Lemaitre’s life, work and legacy, and these talks will soon be available to view from the multimedia section of our website. Above (L to R): Dr Jack Templeton, Prof Michael Heller, Lord Martin Rees, Rev Dr John Polkinghorne, Prof George Ellis (all shown are Templeton Prize winners) Above: Lord Martin Rees during his opening conference address

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