From today, 1st October 2018, The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion formed as an independent charity.

For more details please read the attached press release.



Internationally-renowned centre forms independent charity

The Faraday Institute, a research centre founded in 2006 as part of St Edmund’s College Cambridge, is becoming an independent organisation from 1 October 2018. The Faraday Institute was established to explore matters of science and faith between scientists and people of all faiths and none. Having grown in size and developed a number of successful programmes of research and education, it is going to become a standalone to enable it to develop further.

The new Faraday Trust is accommodated in a new building on the Westminster College campus in Cambridge as an independent educational charity. Its aims are to research and improve public understanding of issues in science and religion.

‘We are excited by the prospects that our independence and growth will provide us’ said Professor Bob White, co-founder and Director of the new organisation. ‘We have made substantial contributions to research and education in the field, and look forward to an exciting future in our new form’.

‘St Edmund’s College is delighted by the successes of the Faraday Institute and we wish the new Faraday Trust well in the future. We hope to continue working closely together and that our organisations will remain linked,’ said Matthew Bullock, Master of St Edmund’s College.

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