The award-winning Craig Baxter’s Faraday-commissioned play, “Let Newton Be!”, is going on a tour of the United Kingdom and United States during March and April 2011. Featuring three “Newtons” on stage throughout the performance, the script uses the authentic words of the great scientist and his contemporaries to weave together an absorbing exploration of one of history’s most complex and brilliant figures. Details of performances and how to get tickets will be available soon. For the time being, you can view a trailer of the play here. You can read a review of the play, published in Science in November last year, here, and one from August 2010 written by the History of Science Society here. “This is the theatre of ideas at its very finest. It is mesmerising, inventive, and provocative. Baxter has created a unified Newton who will awe and move modern audiences. This is Newton fully in three dimensions.”

The History of Science Society “Can theatre be a platform for science? In the hands of Baxter, Morris, and Menagerie Theatre-yes. Spectacularly yes.”

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