On 17 March, more than 200 people listened to NASA astronomer Dr. Jennifer Wiseman speak in Cambridge, and she enthralled the audience with a fascinating presentation on the search for exoplanets and the implications of finding life ‘out there’.

Part of the University of Cambridge’s annual Science Festival, Dr. Wiseman’s talk “Other worlds: exoplanets and discovering life beyond Earth” was full of awe-inspiring images from the Hubble telescope, as well as thought-provoking reflections from the world of philosophy and religion.

During her Faraday Institute-hosted visit to the UK, Dr. Wiseman also spoke in three schools in the Cambridge area, bringing cutting-edge science and astronomy to hundreds of pupils eager to learn about our place in the universe. Dr. Wiseman’s talk will soon be available on the Faraday website (a link will appear here).

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