On 20th August 2009,‘Creation in Crisis: Christian Perspectives on Sustainability’, the latest edited book by Prof Bob White Associate Director of the Faraday Institute, will be published by SPCK

.Much is written about climate change and environmental degradation but in practise little is done about it. Why? Leading environmental scientists increasingly recognise that a fundamental lack of shared belief and communal vision is a barrier to action, and that engaging religious communities is critical if there is to be any genuine and lasting change. ‘Creation in Crisis’ represents the fruits of a workshop where leading scientists, economists and theologians sat down together to discuss the root causes of environmental unsustainability and to challenge each other to develop an authentically Christian response to this global crisis. ‘Creation in Crisis’ is insistent in its overall message that the economic mantra of exponential growth is not an option for a sustainable future, whilst it also challenges the often nihilistic secular worldview that does not promote an optimistic engagement with the environmental challenges we face. This diverse and wide-ranging collection of essays offers an ethical framework and a message of hope for a sustainable future in harmony with the rest of creation. ‘a first-class collection of essays, ranging from broad profound theological reflection to the fine detail of scientific and statistical evidence. A vital resource…it deserves a very wide readership.’ Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

Contents and contributors include: Sir John Houghton – Global warming and energy consumption James J. McCarthy – Climate science distortion and the misinformation industryDonald A. Hay – Discounting the future: economic responses to climate changeSir Brian Heap, Flavio Comim, George Wilkes – International governance: economic self-interest vs. biblical valuesJohn Guillebaud, Pete Moore – Sustainability and population Robert S.White – Natural disasters: human folly or acts of God?Ellen F. Davis – A biblical perspective on culture and agriculture Calvin B. DeWitt – Agriculture and land use: restoring stewardshipRichard C. Carter– Sustainability and water use C. René Padilla –Globalization, ecology and poverty Hilary Marlow –Society, ecology and biblical prophecy Richard Bauckham – Jesus, God and nature in the GospelsMichael Northcott – Ethical sustainability Douglas J. Moo – Transforming Christian perspectivesJonathan Moo – A biblical vision of the earth’s future

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