Prof. Alister McGrath
The Dawkins Delusion: Has Science Killed Off God?

Saturday 10th May 2008
@City University, Northampton Square, London
(Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre)

Nearest Tube Station: Angel (Northern Line)

buffet 6.30pm
lecture 7.30pm

Tickets: £10

In this wide-ranging lecture, Prof. McGrath will critique the views of Richard Dawkins and discuss whether science and religion are locked in mortal combat, as Prof. Dawkins maintains, or whether there might in reality be a more fruitful and positive relationship between them. Prof. McGrath (who at one time was, like Dawkins, a committed atheist), lectures widely on the subject of science and faith. This overview will be accessible to those both with or without a background in science, of any faith or none. Following the lecture, a good period of questions will enable the audience to engage with Prof. McGrath and his views on the ‘Dawkins Delusion’.

For more information contact Jennifer – or (01223) 741 283 or visit our webpage where you can also buy tickets.

This event is brought to you as a joint venture between The Faraday Institute & CiS as part of the London-based Pentecost Festival 2008.

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