30 June – 5 July 2019 Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge

A unique opportunity to engage with internationally renowned experts and participants from around the world.

Speakers include: Dr Denis Alexander : Are we slaves to our genes?

Dr Roger Bretherton : Is religious belief just a psychological crutch?

Prof. Stephanie Clarke : Is it all in the Brain?

Prof. Dr Barbara Drossel : Where do the laws of Nature come from?

Dr Darren Evans : Why care about conservation?

Dr Paul Fairchild : Ethical challenges surrounding stem cells and the reproductive technologies

Prof. Keith Fox : Evolutionary genetics

Prof. Peter Harrison : The role of Religion in the rise of modern science

Prof. Katharine Hayhoe : Should we worry about climate change?

Revd Dr Ernest Lucas : Understanding Origins – a biblical perspective

Prof. Hugh Rollinson : The earliest life on Earth

Prof. Janet Soskice : Creation ex nihilo

Revd Dr John Weaver : Why care for the Environment?

Dr Althea Wilkinson : Cosmology talk

Prof. John Wyatt : Humans, nothing more than machines?

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