Looking back on the first 11 years and preparing for the next 20 In this season of Thanksgiving, we are looking back on our first eleven years and celebrating with gratefulness all we have been able to achieve through the encouragement, prayers and generous giving of our supporters across the world. From our small beginnings in 2006, we have grown to become a leading and highly-respected voice in the science and religion dialogue worldwide, not only within the academic community but in churches, schools, colleges and the public square. Our voice has been one of reason, balance, honesty and respect – an antidote, we hope, to the prevailing narrative of conflict and misunderstanding.

We are proud that with the help of our supporters we have been able to contribute a positive message of how science and faith can work together to their mutual benefit, and we are thrilled at how, with support from our donors, we have been able to provide a pastoral resource to many who have struggled with ‘faith as the enemy of science’ or vice versa. Our international impact continues to grow through courses, on-line resources and Faraday Papers in different languages, and we feel especially privileged to be welcoming an increasing number of American speakers and delegates to our activities in Cambridge. Also noteworthy is the fact that 60% of the downloads of Faraday lectures from the University of Cambridge website are to US-based viewers.

As we write, we are excited to report that we have just completed a move into our new premises within the Cambridge Woolf Building (illustrated above) located within the grounds of Westminster College, made possible by a generous donation that has secured us a 20-year sub-lease. This is the first page of a new chapter in which we hope to consolidate our core resources and create a stable platform with which to attract the next generation of leaders, scholars and communicators.

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