May 10, 2022 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Online and In Person

Prof. Paul Ewart, Revd Dr Andrew Moore

On Tuesday 10th May Dr Andrew Moore and Prof. Paul Ewart will be giving us a seminar talk entitled – What’s the use of Natural Theology? All attendees are kindly requested to be seated by 12:45pm in the KC Shasha Suite, Woolf Building, CB3 0UB.

To join us online for the talk followed by Q&A a link will be made available the morning of the seminar.

Revd Dr Andrew Moores’ Handout [pdf]


The esteem in which what is currently termed “Natural Theology” is held has varied throughout history and today it has its advocates and its critics. As a project that concerns belief in God based on observations of nature and human reason it is criticized by secular scientists for providing neither testable hypotheses nor convincing proofs of God’s existence. It is criticized by some theologians for providing neither reliable knowledge of God nor help towards salvation. So, what is the use of Natural Theology? In this seminar, Dr Andrew Moore, a theologian, will present a theological critique of Natural Theology and Prof Paul Ewart, a scientist, will offer arguments in its defence.


What’s the Use of Natural Theology

Revd Dr Andrew MooreProf. Paul Ewart

What’s the Use of Natural Theology

May 26, 2022