July 20 - Aug 2, 2007

St Edmund's College

Aim of Course

This course is divided into 2 weeks, and applicants can apply for either week or both. A wide range of topics at the science/religion interface are addressed by internationally renowned speakers. The first week includes the rationality of science and religion, cosmology including the anthropic principle, ethical issues in the biosciences, and environmental concern. The second week includes historical and philosophical perspectives, and issues raised by biology, including the theory of evolution, and by modern neuroscience. Schedules are to be found by linking to the individual units.

Speakers (listed in alphabetical order) and topics

  • John Hedley Brooke : History of Science-Religion Relationship
  • John Bryant : Genetic Engineering, Stem Cells
  • Peter Clarke (deceased) : Brains and Machines
  • Simon Conway Morris FRS : Evolution & Fine-tuning in Biology
  • David Cook : Ethics
  • Calvin DeWitt : Environment
  • Dr Joel Green : Conversion: Perspectives from New Testament Studies and the Cognitive Sciences
  • Peter Harrison : Religious Origins of Science
  • Gareth Jones : Biological Enhancement of the Brain
  • Dr Ard Louis : Evolution & Fine-Tuning in Biological Complexity
  • Revd Dr Ernest Lucas : Interpreting Genesis
  • Ernan McMullin (deceased) : Galileo
  • Kenneth Miller : Critique of Intelligent Design
  • Bill Newsome : Theology & Neoroscience
  • Joe Perry DSc, FIBiol: GM Crops
  • Revd Dr John Polkinghorne KBE FRS: Natural Theology & Anthropic Principle
  • Revd Dr Patrick Richmond : Dawkins & God’s complexity
  • Roger Trigg : Rationality of Science and Religion
  • Bob White FRS : Environment
  • Revd Prof David Wilkinson : Extraterrestrial Life


The course will be held at St Edmund’s College, Mount Pleasant, Cambridge, CB3 0BN

Course Schedule

Please see the schedules for the individual course units.