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Cathy Priest

Since 2013, The Faraday Institute’s Youth and Schools Programme have helped nearly 30,000 young people to explore their big science-faith questions.

If you, or the young people in your care are asking the questions below, or you just want some space to consider why and how to integrate RE and Science in your busy curriculum, then come along to this course. Cathy Priest experienced science teacher and Youth and Schools Programme Training Officer at The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion will explore these issues in OFSTED recommended ways, and share fun, age-appropriate classroom resources to help you in your teaching.


Thursday 19th May

For: Upper Primary Teachers

How can RE help with teaching science?

Including classroom resources for thinking about:

  • Did God or evolution make modern humans?
  • How can I help with climate change?
  • How can personal perspective affect spending priorities?


Monday 23rd May

For: Lower Primary Teachers

How can wonder in creation be part of science?

Including classroom resources for thinking about:

  • Why do spiders make me feel tingly?
  • Why is looking at the stars awesome?


Tuesday 24th May

For: Primary School Leaders

How combining perspectives from both science and faith can help tackle big issues?

Including classroom resources for thinking about:

  • How can we challenge racism through science or RE?
  • What is the bible for, and how can people read it well?
  • How can I help with climate change?


Thursday 26th May

For: All Primary School Teachers

How can the ‘Nature of Science’ be taught well (an OFSTED recommended concept for primary science)?

Including classroom resources for thinking about:

  • Are there questions science alone cannot answer, like how should scientists spend their money?
  • How do we know something in science, like which ball is the bounciest or why does popcorn pop?


Recent participant:  ‘Thank you so much for the fascinating and illuminating session.  The trainee teachers were really engaged and wrote some lovely things in the chat.  The number of ‘thank yous’ is always a good sign, particularly given it was a Friday afternoon!  Thanks for providing such a thought-provoking and relevant session.  We will certainly be able to recommend you to others’. PGCE primary course leader, faculty of Education Cambridge

Cost: £50 per person, per session.

Registration deadline is: On the day of each session.

For any questions, please do contact: