March 9, 2021 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Dr Mirjam Schilling

On Tuesday 9th March Dr Mirjam Schilling will be giving us a seminar talk entitled –From Biology to Theology: How viruses challenge our perception of good and evil. Join in at 1pm for the talk followed by Q&A.

During the Coronavirus pandemic we will be hosting our research seminar series online. Join us for the Lent Term Research Seminars all at 1pm UK time.

Abstract: It is now almost one year since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic not only disrupted most of our normal activities, but also led to an enormous amount of suffering. From experience we also know the vast amount of suffering other viruses can cause regularly.  From a Christian worldview it is therefore quite tempting to think of viruses as malicious entities. However, a proper understanding of the biology of viruses shows that the topic is more complicated and that we not only need to re-assess our perception of viruses, but also need to be more nuanced in our definitions of good and evil.

Free access to this webinar will be made available the morning of the webinar by clicking the button below.