May 10, 2024 - May 11, 2024

Westminster College Studio, Cambridge

Dr Pavlína Kašparová

Cost:     £149 for two days (priority), £89 for one day
Participants number: 12

Discover the deep connection between spirituality, art, and well-being in this stimulating journey through the visual arts. Join Dr Pavlína Marie Kašparová OP as we explore how Christian spirituality and art can be gateways to healing, restoration, and self-discovery. This course is all about understanding how artists and scholars have used their practice to find this connection and then following their examples to harness the healing power of art. Let’s uncover their insights together in this hands-on course and see how art can be a transformative force in our lives.

Course Overview

This two-day course offers an engaging and dynamic exploration that transcends the conventional boundaries of art and spirituality. Throughout this practice-based course, students will dissect the intricate relationship between theology, imagination, and artistry, unveiling the deeper layers of meaning within various art forms, including film and moving images.

What You’ll Discover

  1. Intersections of Art and Spirituality:
  • Explore the fusion of theology and artistry, discovering how they intertwine in personal prayer, communal worship, and self-reflective techniques.
  • Examine key art forms and their significant contribution to the ongoing process of creation, restoration, and contemplation of spiritual concepts.
  1. Critical Examination of Artworks:
  • Develop a keen eye for critical analysis, dissecting artworks using precise terminology and contextualizing them within the realm of continuous creation.
  • Apply theological reflections to art practice, interpreting its significance in personal spirituality, communal worship, and self-reflection.
Beyond the Canvas

Because of its practical element, this course transcends conventional discussions, setting art practice within the evolving field of theology of creation. Furthermore, it sheds light on the connection between artistic expression and personal vulnerability in self-reflective art practices.

Who Should Enrol

  • Individuals curious about the convergence of spirituality and artistry.
  • Artists seeking to infuse their practice with deeper meaning and spiritual significance.
  • Theologians and ministers interested in exploring unconventional perspectives on spirituality.
Course Format

Engage in thought-provoking discussions, critical analyses, and hands-on artistic explorations. Embrace reflective inquiry through critical reading, rational argumentation, and the expressive power of art.


After finishing the course, you’ll have a better understanding of how art can guide spiritual exploration, foster personal growth, and contribute to restoration. Develop a fresh appreciation for how visual arts interact with the human spirit, and acquire the skills to express and apply these insights in different aspects of your life.

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