Title Speaker(s) Context Date
The Quest for Human-Level AI and its Implications for Theological Anthropology Dr Marius Dorobantu Seminar May 23, 2024
Mental Health: Contemporary challenges seen from a Christian vantage point Revd Dr Steve Midgley Course November 23, 2023
Early Career Teacher Experiences of Science-Religion Encounters in the Classroom: Towards a Shared Understanding of Purpose? Dr Mary Woolley Seminar November 16, 2023
Learning to teach controversial topics in school science education Revd Prof. Michael J Reiss Seminar May 25, 2023
Finding Freedom and Joy in a World of Artificial Intelligence Dr Rachel Siow Robertson, Revd Charmaine Mhlanga Course April 13, 2023
Exploring Big Questions with Children and Young People Steph Bryant Course March 30, 2023
Artificial Intelligence: Humanity in the Age of AI Mr Graham Budd Course July 8, 2022
A Beautiful Quest: The Promise and Peril of Aesthetics in Science Dr Brandon Vaidyanathan Seminar May 12, 2022
Faraday Institute Annual Reception 2019 – Graham Budd Mr Graham Budd Talk May 5, 2022
The Robot Will See You Now Prof. John Wyatt, Mr Graham Budd Seminar April 8, 2022
Brains, Minds and AI – Implications for Faith and Ethics Prof. Steve Furber FRS Seminar February 18, 2022
Artificial Intelligence: Humanity in the Age of AI Mr Graham Budd Course February 9, 2022
Thinking Machines? A Christian Perspective Prof. Stephen Williams Seminar November 26, 2021
Common Ground between Science and Faith: What it means to be Human Dr Praveen Sethupathy Seminar May 11, 2021
From Biology to Theology: How viruses challenge out perception of good and evil. Dr Mirjam Schilling Seminar April 7, 2021
Living with Hope in a World of AI Revd Dr Justin Tomkins Course January 9, 2021
COVID-19: A Christian Response Prof. Bob White FRS, Revd Dr Roger Abbott, Dr Denis Alexander Seminar May 28, 2020
AI, Technology and the Future Dr Michael Burdett Course January 10, 2020
Humans…. nothing more than machines? Prof. John Wyatt Talk July 4, 2019
Getting Practical: Using Science Demonstrations to Good Effect Dr Matt Pritchard Lecture July 3, 2019
Time & Mystery | Science & Eternity June 19, 2019
Understanding Time | A conversation with Professor David Wilkinson Revd Prof David Wilkinson June 16, 2019
Entropy | A conversation With Dr Mark Hocknull May 19, 2019
Entropy: The Universal Disorder | Science & Eternity May 12, 2019
Can Machines be Moral Agents? Prof. Nigel Crook Seminar April 30, 2019
Would you upload your memory? | Science & Eternity April 14, 2019
Ghost in The Machine Dr Beth Singler March 28, 2019
Can technology save humanity? | Science & Eternity March 10, 2019
Are we different from machines | Science and Eternity February 10, 2019
Can we manufacture intimacy? | A conversation with Professor John Wyatt Prof. John Wyatt Interview January 19, 2019
Can we manufacture intimacy? | Science and Eternity January 13, 2019
Perfection and Randomness: Lessons from Nanotechnology Prof. Russell Cowburn FRS Seminar October 9, 2018
Good in The Machine Dr Beth Singler July 23, 2018
Could a robot ever have real human identity? Prof. John Wyatt Course July 4, 2018
God, Artificial Intelligence and Humans Prof. Peter Robinson, Prof. John Wyatt Lecture February 15, 2018
Being Human In An Age Of Nearly-Human Machines Prof. John Wyatt Course January 11, 2018
Friend in the Machine Dr Beth Singler November 21, 2017
Artificial Intelligence (as God) in Science Fiction Dr Beth Singler Course July 6, 2017
Pain in The Machine Dr Beth Singler October 31, 2016
Artificial Intelligence: Its Future and Ours Dr Beth Singler, Dr Adrian Weller, Prof. Margaret Boden, Jaan Tallinn, Prof. John Wyatt Panel Discussion October 22, 2016
Living Forever: A Worry for Religious Belief Prof. Julian Hughes Seminar October 11, 2016
Social Implications and the Future of Work Prof. Nigel Cameron Course September 18, 2016
Communication, God and Machines Prof. Richard Harper Course September 18, 2016
Religious Faith in an Age of Intelligent Machines Dr David Glass Course September 17, 2016
Can we say ‘you’ to artifacts: personhood and creation in a technological world Dr Michael Burdett Course September 17, 2016
Science Fiction and Religion Dr Beth Singler Course September 17, 2016
Ethical Implications of Emotionally Responsive Machines Prof. Peter Robinson Course September 17, 2016
Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Human Identity Prof. John Wyatt Course September 16, 2016
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence: Secular Eschatologies Dr Vinoth Ramachandra Course July 8, 2016
Are humans computers? Prof. Noreen Herzfeld Course July 11, 2013
Machines in the Image of God Prof. Peter Robinson Lecture March 7, 2013
Artificial Intelligence: from chess playing computers to artificial consciousness? Prof. Lionel Tarassenko CBE FREng FIET Course July 11, 2012
Can We Enhance the Imago Dei? A Theological Assessment of Genetic Alteration, Nanotechnology and Transhumanism Prof. Ted Peters Course August 18, 2011
Playing God? Towards machines that deny their maker Prof Rosalind Picard Lecture November 2, 2010
Playing God? Towards Machines That Deny Their Maker (with subtitles) Prof Rosalind Picard Lecture November 2, 2010
Islam and Science Today Prof. Nidhal Guessoum Course July 14, 2009
Is God a Virus? Dr Denis Alexander Course July 23, 2007
Is God Complex? Revd Dr Patrick Richmond Course July 23, 2007
Has Science Eliminated God? An Engagement with Richard Dawkins’ Views on Science and Religion Prof. Alister McGrath Course January 6, 2007
Science, Faith and Postmodernism Prof. Roger Trigg Course July 26, 2006